About Allison

Allison Matlack is a Technical Business Operations Manager at GitHub, the world’s largest software development platform. Focused primarily on internal communications, culture, and change management for GitHub’s Engineering organization, Allison has been instrumental in shaping organizational communications strategies, bolstering organizational health, and advancing the needs of engineers and engineering managers.

Prior to GitHub, Allison spent more than a decade at Red Hat, most recently as lead of the global Products and Technologies Communications team. There, she played a pivotal role in internal communications and change management during the Red Hat / IBM acquisition, and later was the driving force behind the company’s inaugural executive communications team. In addition to creating the pilot that grew into the company’s global mentoring program, the accomplishment Allison is most proud of from her tenure at Red Hat is following through on six years of persistent effort to allow for updating of name-based kerberos IDs in support of diversity and inclusion programs, requiring collaboration with stakeholders across multiple organizations and 200+ impacted applications.

Described by peers as “the powerhouse and heart of an organization,” Allison is a vocal advocate for open decision-making, transparent communications, and empowerment. She has served as an Open Organization Ambassador since 2016 and loves finding new ways to put the collaborative principles of open source software development into practice in different contexts.

Allison holds an M.A. from West Virginia University in Professional Writing and Editing. Inspired by her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer, her thesis, Rhetorical Bridges: How Rhetoric Affects the Gap Between Knowledge and Behavior Change, is a proposal for a tailored interactive health communication website that clearly demonstrates how rhetoric, viewed as a fluid dynamic between practical art and hermeneutic tool, can help bridge the gap between knowledge and behavior change.

Full resume coming soon, but for now, you can find it on LinkedIn.

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